3/22/17 Jam

There were about 14 people in attendance. The author noted the following tunes, played roughly between 8pm and 9:45pm.

Little Billy Wilson – A
Red Haired Girl – A
Water bound – A
Bill Cheatham – A
Old Joe Clark – A
John Brown’s Dream – A
Bill Walker’s Tune in A
Hangman’s Reel – A
Salt Creek – A
Chinquapin Hunting – A
Ducks on the Pond – A
June Apple – A
Jessica’s Polka – A
Sandy Boys – A
Little Rabbit, Where’s Your Mammy? – A
Highlander’s Farewell – A
Old Bunch of Keys – A
Bill Walker’s 6/8 Tune in G and D
Colored Aristocracy – G
Miss McLeod’s Reel – G
Irish Washerwoman – G
What Did the Buzzard Say to the Crow? – G
Moon Behind the Hill – G
Red Wing – G
Jeff City – G
Big Scioty – G
Bill Walker’s Schottische in G


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