3/28/17 Jam

By the time I arrived, which was around 8pm, there were 13 musicians. Red Haired Boy – A Bill Cheatum – A Little Billy Wilson – A Devil’s Dream – A Booth Shot Lincoln – A Shenandoah Falls – A Road to Malvern – A Crow Creek – A Who’s Been Talking to Dinah? – … More 3/28/17 Jam

3/22/17 Jam

There were about 14 people in attendance. The author noted the following tunes, played roughly between 8pm and 9:45pm. Little Billy Wilson – A Red Haired Girl – A Water bound – A Bill Cheatham – A Old Joe Clark – A John Brown’s Dream – A Bill Walker’s Tune in A Hangman’s Reel – … More 3/22/17 Jam

3/15/17 Jam

We had 13-14 musicians show up to play tonight. The author was there from about 8 to 9:20 pm and we played the following tunes: Bill Walker’s Waltz in D Spotted Pony (D) Dubuque (D) Buck Mountain (D) June Apple (A) Mason’s Apron (A) Old Mother Flanagan (A) Road to Malvern (A) Coleman’s March (D) … More 3/15/17 Jam


01/18/2017 Good turnout tonight of about 18 musicians. Weather not too bad for January. Played Quince Dillon’s High D Tune in honor of Alan Jabbour.

Notes from 2016

12/14/2016 We are still meeting weekly, It has been a while since anything has been posted here. On a very cold and somewhat snowy evening, 8 hardy souls showed up to play tunes at Michigan Energy Options tonight. We had a pretty good time, 3 fiddlers, harmonica, 2 guitars, 2 banjos. One new attendee who … More Notes from 2016

Notes from 2015

12/9/2015 pretty mild weather for December. 16 musicians, 1 visitor. Sally Ann Johnson D Johnny Don’t Get Drunk D My Darling Asleep D Spotted Pony D Breaking Up Christmas A Down The Brae Em Big Scioty G Billy In The Low Ground C Down Yonder G Magpie G Kesh Jig G Mouth Of The Tobique … More Notes from 2015

Notes from 2014

05/07/2014 23 musicians – almost a full house! The weather was great and many Shakys came out to play. Jaybird D Possum’s Tail is Bare D Cowboy’s Dream D Don Tremaine’s Reel D Staten Island D Dubuque D Ande Ate a Bear A Billy in the Low land G Cora Dye G Jimmy in the … More Notes from 2014

Notes from 2013

12/18/2013 21 Musicians and 2 listeners. I arrived late so the tunes listed below were played after 8:50PM. No Shakys for the next two weeks due to the holidays landing on Wednesdays. Breakin’ Up Christmas A Golden Slippers A Old Mother Flanagan A Jake’s got a Bellyache A modal Squirrel Hunters A modal Le Reve … More Notes from 2013

Notes from 2010/2011

7/27/11 21+ musicians – most of the usual stalwarts plus some of the Irish contingent and their out-of-town guest. Things went at a faster pace than usual. Probably because Dave L. was on vacation and we were a little loose. MLK Road to Lisdoonvarna (Em) Miss McLeod’s (Hop High Ladies) (G) Jimmy In the Swamp … More Notes from 2010/2011