3/28/17 Jam

By the time I arrived, which was around 8pm, there were 13 musicians.

Red Haired Boy – A
Bill Cheatum – A
Little Billy Wilson – A
Devil’s Dream – A
Booth Shot Lincoln – A
Shenandoah Falls – A
Road to Malvern – A
Crow Creek – A
Who’s Been Talking to Dinah? – A
Around the Horn – G
Coleraine – A modal
Rochester Schottische or What the Devil Ails You – A
Whistlin’ Rufus – G
Blackberry Blossom – G
Red Wing – G
Jimmy in the Swamp – G
Up the Buckhorn Way – G
Swinging on the Gate – G
Bob Spinner’s in G
Health to the Ladies
Seneca Square Dance – G
Ansty’s Barn Dance


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